Boyfriend of Morgan Freeman’s Step-Granddaughter Charged with Murder

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Morgan Freeman’s Step-Granddaughter, E’Dena Hines, Found Stabbed To Death In NYC

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April 21, E’Dena Hines: Morgan Freeman Had Sexual Relationship With His Step-Granddaughter, Murder Suspect Claims.

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She is his 4th wife and he was almost 70 years old when the daughter was conceived. They have joint custody of the daughter.

Morgan Freeman’s step-granddaughter stabbed to death

She was 33 years old at the time. E’Dena Hines was dating rapper Lamar Davenport at the time, and eyewitnesses reported that Davenport stabbed her 25 times. Her last words were “Why are you doing this. The judge heard that Davenport was straddling Hines on the streets of Manhatten while they were arguing. She tried to get out from under him, but he was too powerful.

The eyewitness explained that the couple was arguing.

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Morgan Freeman is an American actor, producer, and narrator. He has over credits as an actor. Additionally, he has three older siblings. He moved frequently during his childhood, living in Greenwood, Mississippi; Gary, Indiana; and finally, Chicago, Illinois. When he was 16 years old, he almost died of pneumonia. Additionally, he always wanted to become an actor since his childhood years and made his acting debut at age nine.

He is of American nationality. Furthermore, he belongs to a mixed ethnic background of African-American, and more distant English. In , he graduated from Broad Street, but turned down a partial drama scholarship from Jackson State University, opting instead to enlist in the United States Air Force. Furthermore, in the early s, he took acting lessons at the Pasadena Playhouse in California and dancing lessons in San Francisco. After four years, he moved to Los Angeles, California, where he took acting lessons at the Pasadena Playhouse and dancing lessons in San Francisco in the early s and worked as a transcript clerk at Los Angeles City College.

Since then, he has appeared in numerous other movies and television series. Additionally, he also has over 15 credits as a producer and 2 credits as a director. Furthermore, in , Freeman co-founded the movie production company Revelations Entertainment, including its online movie distribution company, ClickStar.

Morgan Freeman’s Granddaughter Killed During Exorcism, Sources Say

Does anyone have an idea about her personal life? Well, if you want to know where is she and what she is doing these days, then stick till the end. We will also reveal about her current relationship status. But she is busy in her work and is seen involved in various social work offering her service for the different non-profit organization. Only close friends and relatives got a chance to attend their wedding ceremony.

Morgan Freeman has spoken out about the allegations the he and his murdered step-granddaughter had been having an affair before her death. In video footage obtained by the Daily Mail, he was.

Lamar Davenport news The rapper boyfriend of actor, Morgan Freeman’s step-granddaughter has been charged with second-degree murder after she was fatally stabbed on a Manhattan sidewalk in an apparent cocaine-fueled exorcism. Police have arrested a year-old, Lamar Davenport in connection with the fatal stabbing of Morgan Freeman’s step-granddaughter on a Manhattan street.

Police say that Davenport was in a relationship with Hines. She was found in front of her apartment building on West nd Street and was pronounced dead at Harlem Hospital. George Hudacko, 65, who saw the 3am attack from his window and called , said Davenport was stabbing Hines and screaming: In the name of Jesus Christ, I cast you out. He was taken to the New York’s Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center to undergo psychological testing before being questioned by police.

Freeman issued a statement saying that “The world will never know her artistry and talent, and how much she had to offer”. Hines had studied acting and was involved with teaching urban youth. She’s the granddaughter of Freeman’s first wife.

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While that film was a bittersweet comedy about old age, this one has a lot less on its mind. Instead, it goes for more populist joys like slapstick and smiley banter, all based on the A-list casting of present-day icons Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin. At least they give it some oomph. It all starts when Joe Caine is notified by his bank that his mortgage is overdue, but this is only because they tripled the interest rate.

And the situation becomes even more desperate when the company where he worked for 40 years is sold to a multinational, which liquidates the pension fund, leaving Joe and his pals Willie and Albert Freeman and Arkin in serious trouble.

Apr 20,  · Morgan Freeman and his now dead step-granddaughter allegedly had an affair, according to claims made by her former boyfriend.

It is a story that has even drawn controversy in the hard-to-shock world of Hollywood. And Morgan Freeman spoke out today to shoot down claims he is set to marry his step-granddaughter. The year-old Unforgiven star said he has never had a romantic relationship with E’Dena Hines, 27, who is a descendant of his first wife Jeanette Adair Bradshaw. Morgan Freeman, pictured here holding hands with step-granddaughter E’Dena Hines in , has denied he is set to marry her There have been rumours about the pair being together for years, but he had never spoken about the claims until now.

It had been claimed they have been dating for around 10 years and were planning to tie the knot in the near future. The father-of-four’s stance has been backed up by E’Dena, who issued a statement of her own. He then married costume designer Myrna Colley-Lee on June 16, , and it was in during their messy divorce that the allegations about the Deep Impact favourite emerged. If the rumours had been true the relationship would have shared eerie similarities to the one between Woody Allen and his now wife Soon-Yi Previn.

She was the adopted daughter of the director’s long-time partner Mia Farrow, who he was with from , until she learned they had became lovers in It led to a storm of publicity about their relationship, though they later got married in

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Morgan Freeman may have robbed his ex-wife’s daughter’s cradle. The National Enquirer alleges that the year-old actor has been romantically involved with his year-old step-granddaughter, E’Dena Hines, for as long as a decade. He’s currently mired in a messy divorce with his now-estranged wife of 25 years, costume designer Myrna Colley-Lee, and may go public with his unconventional relationship when the smoke clears.

E’Dena is the granddaughter of Jeanette Adair Bradshaw, Morgan’s first wife, but she was raised by Morgan and Myrna since she was a small child. Morgan adopted E’Dena’s mother, Deena, who is Jeanette’s biological daughter.

Sep 26,  · I guess only time will tell if this is true. She isn’t technically his flesh and blood granddaughter. But him having a relationship with her since she was in her teens and him being several decades older could be a little creepy.

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The legendary Hollywood superstar had been accused of having a relationship with his step-granddaughter – The two are said to have had the affair when Morgan divorced his wife of .

Morgan Freeman , Morgan Freeman’s step granddaughter , Edena Hines Before Morgan Freeman’s step granddaughter, Edena Hines was brutally killed, she was accused of having an affair with him, who is 45 years her senior. The affair was said to even destroy not only his second marriage to Myrna Colley Lee, but also his long-time relationship with his mistress Mary Joyce Hays. An insider told Radar, “Myrna said Edena told her that when she was a teenager, she and Morgan went to dinner at a friend’s house one evening.

Both had been drinking, and when they returned home, Morgan attempted to have sex with her. Morgan Freeman has been Edena’s goal,” a source for the media outlet said. The affair reportedly ended in , when Freeman began dating an accountant. The same year, they both denied the rumors. Hines said, “These stories about me and my grandfather are not only untrue, they are also hurtful to me and my family.

What is even more alarming is that these fabrications are now being picked up by the legitimate press as well. The year-old girl was stabbed to death 15 times by a knife, according to Nicholas Penhold, Assistant District Attorney.

E’Dena Hines, Morgan Freeman’s Step-Granddaughter: Also His Lover?

According to the New York Daily News , Costanzo was reading from a stipulation agreement approved by the prosecution. It is not clear what the allegation has to do with Hines’ murder, but it has surfaced in tabloids in the past. In , the National Enquirer claimed Freeman was having a decade-long affair with Hines, the daughter of a woman he adopted with his first wife, Jeanette Adair Bradshaw, that started when she was a teenager.

The tabloid claimed the affair broke up Freeman’s marriage to his wife Myrna and ended his relationship with a mistress, Mary Joyce Hays. A source told the Enquirer that Morgan and Myrna raised Haines “since she was a little girl. The Oscar-winner and Haines issued a statement denying that.

Morgan Freeman has paid tribute to his granddaughter after she was stabbed to death in a disturbing attack outside of her New York home.. Edena Hines was an actress who had recently returned to.

He also adopted his first wife’s daughter, Deena. Has reprised the same character three times. Considered joining the Air Force to become a fighter pilot but opted to stay with acting instead. Worked as a mechanic in the United States Air Force. Has recorded a new radio public service announcement about the national parks. Recently earned a Private Pilot license.

Broadway debut in the musical “Hello, Dolly! Has his own production company, Revelation Entertainment.

Morgan Freeman’s Step Granddaughter Killed In ‘Exorcism’