Destiny Vault of Glass Raid Guide – Boss Tips and Strategy

Damage Types Damage Types Weapons in Destiny have specific Damage types that affect enemies based on the shields they posses. Each enemy weapon and attack in the game has an associated element. These can be found in the Enemies section. Later PvE missions can have a variety of Skulls active, each of which makes the mission more difficult. One set of Skulls is oriented around increasing specific enemy elemental damag There are also some hidden damage types on all weapons You can see these values on the Weapons page: Precision Damage is indicated when yellow numbers appear over the target you are firing into. This would be similar to a critical hit in other MMOs.

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Why Destiny Players Feel Screwed Over. Kirk Hamilton. I enjoy staying up to ungodly hours of the morning doing VOG for that ever elusive Fatebringer (last night is a prime example: I got a.

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However sometimes it won’t let you maximize the game and therefore not letting you to access the activation window. Now when you need to minimize the game to access the activation window you should not have any problems doing so. Some users may also experience a crash on startup when using multiple monitors. Disabling one or more monitors will fix this problem. One fix is to run Windows Update and install the KB update also found here.

Saying the VOG is under control is like saying the smoke from the wild fires in the west is under control. How can you control nature? I was on the BI in May and the VOG was horrible. I had taken Shea’s advice and switched from Kona to the Mauna Lani area for accommodations and was so glad.

Despite how I felt about it then, it did have a few things going for it such as the shooting mechanics which were really good and some of the concepts that its bare bones narrative grasped at straws to try and explain. The disastrous interview with Luke Smith, the creative director behind Destiny, with Eurogamer initially turned me off of buying the expansion. Then I realized I had a rebate coupon that I could use to knock the price down and an insatiable curiosity to know if it actually could be better.

The rest is installation history. For me, Destiny always seemed weirdly late to the party in the face of other systems in the gaming space that used the same elements albeit more successfully. Whether it was a bold attempt to try something new and not getting it, I have no idea.


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Now this is just getting ridiculous. Although there was a time when Destiny‘s first grueling Raid, The Vault of Glass was taxing enough to make a 2-hour completion time impressive – soon blown.

Mars – A Rising Tide One of the better-kept secrets in Destiny is the existence of five Golden Chests on each planet, as other than a small notification on your map screen when you start collecting them there’s very little to make these containers stand out as important. However, each one yields Glimmer currency as well as new items, and discovering all five on a planet can unlock special bonus items as well.

Normally, if one player opens a loot chest then others in the session only have a short time to collect the contents before it disappears, however this mechanic does not apply to Golden Chests – they appear independently for each player and can be collected without having an effect on your team mates. Although most of these Golden Chests can be found in free roam a few are behind locked doors that only open during missions , it’s easier to describe their locations in terms of waypoints for the missions listed below.

Follow our guide over the following pages and you’ll be stocked up with quality items in no time!


Zelretch was a certified troll, but even he avoided doing something like colliding four different universes altogether. However, that didn’t meant he couldn’t enjoy chaos, panic and disorder this new Sky and his Elements left in their wake wherever and whenever they went. Heaven may have mercy on whoever wronged their Sky T – English – Drama – Chapters: After the war with Aizen the worlds various Death Gods approach Death himself to step in and get Japan’s Death deities under control before the next problem drags them in as well or destroys the world.

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The storied studio, best known for creating the multi-million-selling Halo series, had spent the previous three years working on something they hoped would be revolutionary. Destiny, as they called it, was to be a cross between a traditional shooter like Halo and a massive multiplayer game like World of Warcraft. It was going to become a cultural touchstone.

Sep 17,  · Every single VOG I have heard sounded the same, and I thought I would chime in and give you my experience using two modules over stereo material. They are very EASY to use over stereo for the same effect, and because the sweep is variable, I think its more versatile to pin point cool stuff.

The storied studio, best known for creating the multi-million-selling Halo series, had spent the previous three years working on something they hoped would be revolutionary. Destiny, as they called it, was to be a cross between a traditional shooter like Halo and a massive multiplayer game like World of Warcraft. It was going to become a cultural touchstone. Two years ago, something went wrong. Destiny’s writing team, led by the well-respected Bungie veteran Joe Staten, had been working on the game for several years.

They’d put together what they called the ‘supercut’ — a two-hour video comprising the game’s cinematics and major story beats. In July, they showed it to the studio’s leadership.

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