How to build High Quality Landing Pages that Convert

By dsnsh November 8, – Just a little about myself. I have been working online since I started out without any direction and tried many different things online anywhere from social media manager to blogger, to coder. I have built several lists of over 50, subscribers. And have made over 6 figures in sales with just Paypal this year already. Not to mention cpa networks and other Merchants. So lets get on to the meat and potatoes. Its a simple webpage used to collect leads in exchange for free information in most cases.

9 Essentials of a High Converting Landing Page

Keep in mind, BigCommerce is looking to rank for keywords related to ecommerce. How can you easily set up a program like this? Create your questions and then send the link to the influencers you know. Links Search engines use a variety of signals to rank your site and the various pages of your site. Google set themselves apart by introducing link value into their complex ranking algorithm, an algorithm that is still the industry gold standard.

But search engines, no matter how they decide their rankings, reserve pride of place for the quality, the quantity and the relevance of incoming links.

Think of your landing page like a dating process. A first time visitor (like that cute someone you take on a first date) doesn’t know you. If you overtly go for a “buy now” CTA without building a relationship, you’re gonna get rejected.

This is a two part post, the second part will be published tomorrow — Enjoy! And you send all that hard earned traffic to your homepage where people lose the information scent from your ad, get confused and leave. You need a landing page. Landing pages are targeted specifically the intent and content of your ads. Unique value proposition in a concise headline This is your intro to your prospect and should match the message that you promised in your ad, ideally in a way that explains the benefit your solution provides.

Of course you do. Core benefit statement s People hate reading.

10 UX Tips To Create High-Performing Landing Pages

Fewer server requests, faster-loading speeds. Optimize Images Usually, image heavy landing pages are also much larger in file size. It is very important to be sure that you optimize the size, format and image attributes. JPEG is your best option.

With Landing Pages The most successful of our 15,+ customers have a secret. They send paid traffic to high-converting Unbounce landing pages (instead of their websites) to lower their cost-per-lead.

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Launch high converting lead generation campaign within 5 minutes. Designed for marketers, bloggers and other creators who are looking to generate leads and build a responsive email list quickly. Here at DashNex, we believe in simplicity, speed, and results. We believe that your business is lead generation, product sales and branding and not technical setups, con?

When new landing pages go up for seasonal offerings, set up a specific Campaign built around that landing page. The match between your page, your keywords, and your content will boost your quality rating and your exposure to focused visitors.

Social Media 7 Landing Page Call-to-Action Formulas for Higher Conversions So you’ve designed a landing page and are driving a ton of traffic to it – but you’re getting a low conversion rate. When you ask yourself ” What is a landing page? It’s one of best ways to get leads for your business online paired with ads , of course. And remember in order to turn visitors into leads, they have to click on your landing page’s CTA button.

Your CTA is the action you want your website visitor to take. It doesn’t matter if your landing page objective is increasing sales, generating email leads or developing customer relationships, we all want more conversions! Your CTA should be the first thing your viewer sees when they click on your page. You do build your landing pages to drive conversions, after all.

Use contrasting colors for your CTA button. It draws the eye so your potential prospect immediately sees what they need to do on your landing page. Colour contrasts also subconsciously create a sense of discomfort, which make us want to take action to alleviate. A hot trend in colour contrast right now is the orange CTA button on a blue background.

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Paul Berry After building the product for Huffington Post, and owning the product and engineering groups at AOL after we were acquired, it was clear to me there was a huge gap between what the current CMS offering gave the world and what the world needed. Five years later we are at scale, moving the needle and doing to WordPress what Airbnb did to Craigslist. Social and Centralized WordPress, Drupal, and the custom CMS solutions of the world are all independent, non-connected instances that each need to be updated individually.

Free content landing pages are real estate landing pages that offer potential leads something free in exchange for their contact info. In the world of digital marketing this is known as a lead magnet, as the offer of something free draws in leads.

January 23, A landing page is the first page that visitors see after clicking on your banner ad, PPC ad, or promotional email. It can be a specific page on your website or a separate page created exclusively for search engines. A landing page is designed to direct visitors to take a specific action, such as making a purchase, completing a registration, or subscribing to your mailing list. Your landing page pretty much determines the success of your ad campaign. Crappy landing page and you have just needlessly wasted your money.

Home pages are usually cluttered with information, there are many possible actions a visitor can take, and the most important one might be missed.

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So how can you demystify the process and unleash your landing page , to the amazement of the watching world? You might be in search of a straightforward, step-by-step guide to putting together a foolproof design. And it would be great if that existed! Landing pages that convert are as different as the people looking at them.

High converting. Our tests show that pages built on DashNex Pages platform get above the industry average opt-in rates with any of our 25 high converting templates. Launch Your First Campaign for FREE. Choose from 25 templates. Add up to 5 lead pages. Unlimited traffic. Unlimited leads.

Before we even considered creating LeadPages, we were giving away this basic squeeze page template to readers of our blog. When we originally released it, people were asking how to integrate with AWeber, how to post to WordPress and how to get stats and do split testing. All of these ideas then prompted the creation of LeadPages and the company was formed.

Since then, this page has still been one of our highest converting landing pages and has been mimicked by all sorts of copycats. Because even the word tool sounds way more concrete and specific than the word resources. The second reason why this template works so well is the minimalist design forces the page creator to focus on the copy. This leads into reason number 3 on why this landing page works. You may think that this is inconsequential or not effective but it has an absolute impact.

In the first page, they had an image of a baby looking directly at the viewer. However in the split tested version where the baby is looking towards the text, people were much more likely to read the text. The fifth reason that this page works so well is that it simply has great design.

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February 26, Share There is one surefire way you can succeed in business in the long term. And that is to ensure that your landing pages are converting. It just keeps burning and burning and burning. So, how hard is it to build landing pages that convert?

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Optimize your server to ensure a quick response time. Although, that should go without saying. What I mean is: Would you go down a dark alley in Chicago late at night? And while your website might not be a dark alley, if it produces any anxiety in any segment of your visitors, your conversion will suffer. One of the easiest ways to decrease anxiety is by making the path forward very, very clear.

Think of it as the equivalent of adding bright streetlights along the length of that Chicago alley.

How To Create High Converting Landing Pages For Cpa Offers