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Me, Cynthia Yockey, after my first 5K on June 3, Come to find that training on the elliptical does not strengthen all the muscles needed for jogging or running because for jogging and running the only thing lifting your legs is you. So I went to work and now I can easily jog a 5K in hilly terrain. The diagnosis of deconditioning gets to the root of a syndrome of problems that otherwise would be given treatments that, at best, would not work, and at worst, would be harmful. Defining deconditioning as a medical condition gives a name to the syndrome of health problems that follow physical weakness. Suddenly a myriad of separate problems that have been tormenting you like a swarm of angry bees is a single problem with a simple solution: While the extremely deconditioned need to have expert guidance to begin to regain their strength, the moderately deconditioned probably can begin with a morning walk. Going outside in the morning and into the light will be the most energizing time to walk because light shuts off melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleepy. Since even just going for a walk builds strength and stamina, that means treatment is affordable for almost everyone—all you need are comfortable shoes, and in cold weather, a hat and coat. In addition, I was fighting two deadly sleep disorders which weakened me and almost took my life in

Thinking of Shomer Negia

When she isn”t writing for the Internet or taking care of her family, Emuna teaches classes on Judaism, organizes gourmet kosher cooking groups and hosts many Shabbos guests. She is the cofounder of www. The opinions expressed in the comment section are the personal views of the commenters. Comments are moderated, so please keep it civil. Is there such a thing as “beshert” when you are older?

All the explanations seems to be for younger people.

First published in in the book titled Alcoholics Anonymous, the Twelve Steps were developed by the founders of AA as a method of recovery from has since been adapted to address a myriad of compulsive and obsessive behaviors ― either addiction to substances like narcotics, or a process, such as gambling.

Classified list of selected loanwords. In some parts of the area the Armenians constituted the majority of the population, in others only its upper classes, but they were everywhere the unifying element that maintained the culture and language of the whole region. Since these Armenian highlands had been subdued by Cyaxares about B. Apart from interruptions of varying duration Armenian was to bear the yoke of the respective Iranian leading power for more than a thousand years, for after the Medes followed the Persian Achaemenids B.

The independence of Armenia from the Seleucids was not gained until B. The Armenian kingdom, whose power and size had been enlarged considerably in particular by king Tigranes I called the Great ca. Licinius Lucullus had marched against Tigranes during the third Mithridatian War and this king had submitted himself to Pompeius in 66 B. The Roman protectorate was followed by the rule of a younger line of the Parthian Arsacids Arm.

For the Parthian king Vologaeses I had in 53 A. For several centuries thereafter Armenia was ruled by a Parthian aristocracy, who exerted considerable influence. Indeed, the Parthian aristocracy was emulated by the Armenians, especially the upper classes, who necessarily had a command of both Parthian and Armenian, and who even tried to join through marriage with the new true masters of their country.

Though the Christianization of Armenia in the third century and its rise to Armenian official religion shortly after A.

Sending Girls to Seminaries and the Shidduch Crisis

It is true that the earliest prophets of political Zionism — Moses Hess Rome and Jerusalem, , Leon Pinsker Auto-Emancipation, and Theodor Herzl The Jewish State, — did not draw their inspiration from the Bible, but rather from the great nationalist spirit that swept through Europe at the end of the 19th century. Pinsker and Herzl actually cared little whether the Jews colonized Palestine or any other region of the globe; the first thought about some land in North America, while the second contemplated Argentina and later Uganda.

More important still than nationalism, what drove these intellectual pioneers was the persistence of Judeophobia or anti-Semitism: Pinsker, who was from Odessa, converted during the pogroms that followed the assassination of Alexander II; Herzl, at the height of the Dreyfus affair. Zion is a name used for Jerusalem by biblical prophets. And after Herzl, the founders of the Yishuv Jewish communities settled in Palestine before and later of the Jewish State were steeped in the Bible.

Jun 03,  · Re: orthodox yid taunts castle guard Quote: Originally Posted by wessex and white On what basis do you state that slander? I think you are on the wrong forum,this is UK.

Yiddish was the language of Ashkenazic Jews, but not Sephardic Jews Yiddish is based on German, Hebrew and other languages Yiddish uses an alphabet based on Hebrew There are standards for transliterating Yiddish Yiddish was criticized as a barrier to assimilation Yiddish developed rich literature, theater and music S’iz shver tsu zayn a Yid It’s tough to be a Jew – Yiddish folk saying [Yiddish] A hybrid of Hebrew and medieval German, Yiddish takes about three-quarters of its vocabulary from German, but borrows words liberally from Hebrew and many other languages from the many lands where Ashkenazic Jews have lived.

It has a grammatical structure all its own, and is written in an alphabet based on Hebrew characters. Scholars and universities classify Yiddish as a Germanic language, though some have questioned that classification. They had their own international language known as Ladino or Judesmo, which is a hybrid of medieval Spanish and Hebrew in much the same way that Yiddish combines German and Hebrew.

At its height less than a century ago, Yiddish was understood by an estimated 11 million of the world’s 18 million Jews, and many of them spoke Yiddish as their primary language. Yiddish has fallen on hard times, a victim of both assimilation and murder. Today, less than a quarter of a million people in the United States speak Yiddish, about half of them in New York. Most Jews know only a smattering of Yiddish words, and most of those words are unsuitable for polite company.

But in recent years, Yiddish has experienced a resurgence and is now being taught at many universities.

The Yid and the Id: Jewish Perspectives on Psychology & Personal Development

First published in in the book titled Alcoholics Anonymous, the Twelve Steps were developed by the founders of AA as a method of recovery from alcoholism. More than 50 different programs have evolved during the past 70 years, with millions of people across the globe having directly benefited from step recovery. Because much of step recovery exists within the confines of anonymous group meetings, it’s difficult to evaluate in a controlled, peer-review process.

Therefore, some in the medical and scientific communities are hesitant to testify to ifs effectiveness over other, more clinical approaches. However, ask most people who have spent significant time in the “rooms of recovery” and they will tell you they didn’t stand a chance to succeed prior to engaging in twelve-step help. Judaism has been teaching 12 steps for 3, years.

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May 10, Thus the white race will disappear, for mixing the dark with the white means the end of the white man, our most dangerous enemy will become a memory. We shall embark upon an era of 10, years of peace and plenty, Pax Judaica, and our Race will Rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain Mastery over a world of Dark peoples. So it makes perfect sense to me for Al Capp to portray rural white people especially the ones that live in the Ozarks or Appalachians as dumb, backwards, ugly, can barely speak English etc.

He too, is concerned with the evils of society. Like Dickens or Mark Twain, he too seeks to improve our manners and morals. Kalif Kathy Well said: With apologies to Augustine. First in the factories I worked in and then in kitchens, whites were systematically fired and replaced by Latin Americans. If there were no citizens to take the jobs there would be no problem.

But the fact is, I and my neighbors were working at those occupations.

“Driving the Jewish Men Away”

Judaism provides a complete and comprehensive vision of man. Psychology and Judaism address common concerns such as well-being, ethical behavior, and the fulfillment of a meaningful life. Additionally, the practice of psychology is based on certain underlying assumptions about what it means to be human. It addresses such questions as:

Mar 01,  · News Flash – Rabbis Rely on C Dating!! This is pretty cool news – apparently a Torah scroll dating from the 13thth century has been discovered. But what is even more interesting is that the scribe who acquired it relied on Carbon dating to determine its age!

Donovan Sharpe Donovan is a sexist son of a bitch who objectifies women by keeping them on their toes, their backs, and their knees where they belong. Primetime with Donovan Sharpe. Add him on Facebook and follow him on Instagram. Men are happier than women—period. The exception never makes the rule. If you were to assign a number correlated with the contentment and happiness of every person, the average male score would be higher than the average female. Feminists are fucking miserable and red pill aware men are not.

Anyone who doubts this only needs to look at the number of females who are on anti-depressants compared to males. But regardless of which study you give credence to, the results are universal across the board.

Tefillin in Hell

But his devotion for the mitzvah of tefillin saved thousands — yes, thousands — of Jews from death. Born and raised in Budapest, Eliyahu was 15 years old when the Germans occupied Hungary. Within days of the occupation, Eichmann came to Budapest to institute the Final Solution.

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The first of these Mitzvos was given to Adam directly from G-d. This is the Mitzvah of making babies. This mitzvah is achieved through the act of sexual intercourse shtooping, boning, fucking, banging, tapping, hitting, I think you get the point , where the man sticks his reproductive organ dick, cock, penis, shlong, shmeckel, wiener, among other names into the female reproductive organ.

Vagina, pussy, vertical smile, pink taco, malawach, ECT. Find a girl, make sure she goes to the mikva first get her drunk optional , fuck her brains out unprotected of course , and wait 9 months till a baby pops out. However for those who are extra frum and like to do Mitzvos properly this Mitzvah raises some serious questions. As we know, we paskin in Pesachim I think, look it up if you really care Mitzvos tzrichas kavana. This means one has to be aware of and have in mind what mitzvah he is doing or else he is not yotze his Mitzvah.

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Robert Huizenga One kind of extramarital affair revolves around sexual addiction. The partner involved in the affair, plain and simple, has a difficult time saying “NO. Well, I believe we all have the capacity, at some level, to say no. However, not all have developed that capacity or reached that level to firmly say no and mean it. Some are stuck and seem to lack the ability to consistently act on the no.

Personal Growth and Development Jewish Perspectives on Health, Nutrition, Fitness and Extreme Sports What Happens When We Die? Free Shiur on Jewish Perspectives on Death, Burial & Mourning for Vayechi Announcing a new NLE Morasha shiur! The Yid and the Id .

Play Video In one secret, legally recorded telephone conversation, prominent Melbourne criminal lawyer Alex Lewenberg tells a victim of St Kilda Yeshivah centre sex offender David Cyprys he should not have co-operated with police. Advertisement Prominent criminal barrister Alex Lewenberg allegedly told a victim of a sex offender he should not have co-operated with police. Penny Stephens “Because there is a tradition, if not a religious requirement that you do not assist against Abraham and I was concerned about that … moserprinciple.

Members of ultra-orthodox communities who assist police are often ostracised and given the derogatory label of “moser” or informer. Fairfax Media emailed Mr Lewenberg questions about the conversation with the victim on Tuesday. He replied that “the factual allegations as set out in your communications are not correct”. Mr Lewenberg was telephoned by the victim in October after the victim had heard talk in the Jewish community about the barrister’s alleged displeasure at him assisting police with Cyprys’ prosecution.

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It’s very hard for anyone to be the contradiction of what is considered to be normal, when in fact the normal is not necessarily the right or correct way of thinking. Through the ages, it has been established in societies that it is normal to do this and abnormal to do that. I think the greatest and most absurd problem in societies is their labels which have been placed on genders.

Too many labels have been attached to everything in today’s population. Instead of progressing with the times, as has been the case with ingenuity and technology, the whole mentality surrounding the more down home issue of gender roles has been slowly lingering in an antiquated ideology that should be dissolved. What our parents and grandparents thought about applying these labels to children was wrong from the start.

Home News Breaking News Sending Girls to Seminaries and the Shidduch Crisis. Sending Girls to Seminaries and the Shidduch Crisis. March 10, am. Share on Facebook. Those non-dating years for those girls are the equivalent of being “in the freezer,” meaning they are out of circulation from active shidduch dating.

Many historians assume SS head Heinrich Himmler stopped exterminating Jews at Auschwitz-Birkenau in November and destroyed the crematoria and gas chambers there because the Russians were coming and he was trying to hide the evidence quickly. As he told Aish. The Germans could have killed the remaining Jews — eyewitnesses to their crimes. By doing so, Himmler would achieve a separate peace with the West so they could turn on their common enemy, Stalin. Meanwhile, Americans worked to ensure the money never left Switzerland.

Torah Values Drove Rescue Effort Reared a secular Jew, Wallace said he immersed himself in the Orthodox world for 17 years while researching the book and gained great respect for the culture.

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