Pablo Escobar’s hippos: A growing problem

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A Tim Sparks slides a small leather-bound notebook out of an envelope. The book’s yellowing pages contain bee-keeping notes made between and by the late Walter Coates of Kilworth, Leicestershire. He adds it to his growing pile of local journals, birdwatchers’ lists and gardening diaries. Successive Marshams continued compiling these notes for years. A small band of researchers is combing through hundreds of years of records taken by thousands of amateur naturalists.

Species co-occurrence is a pattern fundamental to obtaining a better understanding of lots of ecological processes. As a pattern, it is simply a measurement of the frequency at which two or more species co-occur among a set of spatial locations (study sites, plots, ecological communities) and an assessment of whether that frequency is essentially random, positive, or negative.

Continue reading the main story In contrast with some other at-risk species, perhaps sea turtles have been easier to manage because their threats are more tangible: They are accidentally trapped by fishermen or harvested by others as delicacies, aphrodisiacs or decoration. In the most extreme cases, like in Tortuguero, Costa Rica, nearly all female green turtles at one point had been exported for turtle soup.

But conservation efforts there dating back to the s made an impact, and protecting beaches, regulating fishing and establishing marine protected areas have helped save turtles in many locations. Photo The scientists found that even small populations of turtles have a chance of survival. Detecting whether a juvenile sea turtle survives long enough to make babies can take 10 to 30 years while it matures.

They were surprised to find that with adequate protection, even small populations of turtles have a chance of survival. In an area called French Frigate Shoals in Hawaii, for example, green sea turtles increased nest numbers from around in , when the Endangered Species Act was signed, to around 2, in Yet research is still lacking. For all sea turtles, most male to female ratios are unknown, which is an important aspect of reproduction and appears to be altered with increasing sand temperatures, skewing births toward more females.

And a huge initiative to collect more data on flatback turtles in and around Australia may be complicated by a recent announcement that the country will shrink its marine protected areas.

Malaysian ecologist survives being attacked by crocodile

Conservation Wildlife lover Morgan Hughes had always wanted to work in ecology — and her resulting career at Atkins, part of the SNC-Lavalin Group, has been more varied than she had ever imagined Engineering and ecology overlap all the time, from assessing the environmental impact of structures to designing eco-sensitive new builds and delivering bespoke conservation projects. Plus, you have the chance to genuinely have an impact on the environment and effect positive change in biodiversity.

Morgan is keeping her eye on great crested newts in Bedfordshire Credit:

Adrien Rieux and Camilo E. Khatchikian, tipdatingbeast: an r package to assist the implementation of phylogenetic tip‐dating tests using beast, Molecular Ecology Resources, 17, 4, (), ().

Getty Images Saryn Chorney October 30, Vampire bats, to be specific. Get push notifications with news, features and more. Following You’ll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications. Fossils found in California, Florida, Texas and Arizona among other states , dating back to approximately 5, to 30, years ago, indicate that the vampire bat once lived in the U. The species is currently found throughout Mexico, Central America and South America, but research shows that the Desmodus rotundus population is on the rise, pushing into new territory in both North and South America.

The bats may bring new variants of rabies along with them. Department of Agriculture who co-authored the study , published in July. They tend to live in areas where the temperature does not dip below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. And yet, within the past five years, the bats have been documented as close as 30 miles away from Texas. That said, if the climate in southern states continue to shift, with winters becoming warmer, the bats have a decent chance of survival here.

What Happens after a Tundra Fire?

The popular and the scientific meaning. Here the term ecology is probably quite poorly defined. To my gut feeling, the concept relates to the concept of global change. It encompass many fields such as biology ecology in the scientific sense , evolutionary biology and conservation biology especially , ethics and moral, politics, meteorology, public policy, Ecology is a subfield of biology and earth sciences that studies interactions among organisms and their environment.

Biology has a much broader meaning.

Environment Complete contains more than million records from more than 2, domestic and international titles dating back to , including over 1, active core titles. The database also (back to ), Ecologist, Conservation Biology, etc. Available via EBSCOhost.

The study of the relationships between living organisms and their physical environment. Ecologists study these relationships among organisms and habitats of many different sizes, ranging from the study of microscopic bacteria growing in a fish tank, to the complex interactions between the thousands of plant, animal, and other communities found in a desert. Ecosystems depend on the energy that moves in and out of that system.

You could have an entire ecosystem underneath a big rock. There is an overall ecosystem of the entire planet the biosphere. An ecosystem can be as small as a puddle or as large as the Pacific Ocean. Energy flows through ecosystems in one direction From the Sun, through photosynthetic organisms including green plants and algae , to herbivores, to carnivores and then to decomposers.

Energy flow through an ecosystem Each rectangle in an energy pyramid shows the amount of energy per square meter of area. Each rectangle is always smaller the level below it. Where is this energy lost to? The carbon cycle is critical to the food chain. Living tissue contain carbon, in proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The carbon in these living or dead tissues is recycled in various processes.


What Happens after a Tundra Fire? At least 37 fires burned more than , acres in the preserve. After the record number of fires burned in Noatak during , the NPS Alaska Region fire ecology program assessed the effects of burn severity on vegetation; and the age of carbon burned in these fires. Initial results from the carbon dating show that the fires primarily consumed organic soil material that was less than 60 years old. Fire staff study the impacts of tundra fires on vegetation and soils.

In , Noatak National Preserve had a record number of fires.

The Southeast Asian rainforests are the oldest, most consistent rainforests on Earth, dating back to 70 million years ast Asia is a 3, mile long chain of .

Too often, we think and talk about prairie restoration aka prairie reconstruction in the wrong way. Instead of trying to restore an ecosystem, we try to reproduce history. I was in Washington D. After the death of the president, the building went through drastic changes, including being completely gutted after a partial collapse of the interior. By the time the decision was made to restore the building for use as a historic site, the National Park Service basically had to start from scratch.

In the case of prairie restoration, someone identifies a tract of land that used to be prairie but has been converted into something completely different usually cropland , and tries their best to restore what was there before it was converted. Prairies are dynamic ecosystems that are constantly changing and evolving, and their components include organisms that interact with each other in complex ways.

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But is it culture, genetics or the environment that drives such a choice—and is there an optimal age difference? New research shows that, at least for the Sami people of preindustrial Finland, men should marry a woman almost 15 years their junior to maximize their chances of having the most offspring that survive. Yet, only 10 percent of these marriages were between men and women with that optimal age difference.

Air is all around us, we can’t see it yet we can’t live without it. Explore the intricate workings of the atmosphere supporting life on Earth.

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The beluga whale spotted in the River Thames on Tuesday has been sighted again near Gravesend. Ecologist Dave Andrews first shared video of the mammal on social media yesterday, which he .

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Beluga whale spotted again in River Thames

Monday, 12 December Radiometric Dating versus Relative Dating In palaeontology and archaeology, it becomes necessary to determine the age of an artifact or fossil when it is uncovered. This, of course, is so that it can be properly catalogued, and, if valid, can be related to or associated with other objects from the same era. However, such a task can be quite tricky.

Fossils and artifacts don’t come with labels attached that clearly state their age. Therefore, scientists need to make use of proper techniques to adequately specify what the age of a fossil or artifact is.

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Much of our research is focused on clarifying relationships between streamflow, fluvial geomorphology, and riparian vegetation, including various feedbacks. In some cases this work involves studying river reaches or segments that are relatively unaltered by anthropogenic activities; in many cases it involves study of river segments that have been altered by human activities, most notably river damming.

Our research often includes field studies, but also experiments e. This work is often done in collaboration with scientists whose primary emphasis lies in the physical sciences e. In the western US, the majority of riparian restoration projects involve control of these, and other, non-native species. We have researched many aspects of these plants, such as understanding environmental factors required for establishment, growth, and spread, as well as interactions with channel change, riparian water use, and wildlife.

Current projects are focused on understanding vegetation recovery following biological control of tamarisk, including detailed studies on the Virgin and Colorado rivers; on the dynamics of riparian vegetation following extensive removal of Russian Olive on the Escalante River; and on understanding the distribution and abundance of Siberian Elm in the Upper Colorado, Platte, and Rio Grande basins.

Bob Dobbs on Media Ecology as Extensions of the Human senses